Troubleshoot your Humidifier

Humidifier in the houseHaving a humidifier in the home can have a ton of benefits. It can improve skin and hair health, reduce respiratory symptoms, and increase the longevity of your home’s wood floors and furniture. Particularly in the drier times of year, many people have one constantly running. As with any appliance, things can stop working and cause you unwanted stress. Keep reading to see how to fix a few common issues yourself! Continue reading

Benefits of Humidifiers

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Humidifiers have been all over the place. There are multiple benefits for them so they have been fairly popular the last few months. Especially in the winter season, the air is so dry so consumers turn to humidifiers to moisten the air. Humidifiers can benefit the whole household. Read below and see how.

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Is Mold Growing in Your Humidifier?

Humidifier in the house

While humidifiers can help soothe dry noses and throats a dirty humidifier can actually make you sick. 

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