Garage Cleaning Tips

Garages are made to store items, like cars or tools. But, sometimes garages get a little too cluttered and need to get cleaned out. And, if there’s a plethora of junk in there, it can be a little overwhelming. For your benefit, here’s some tips on how to clean your garage! Continue reading

Five Steps to Laundry Success!



Don’t know where to start with your Laundry appliance shopping? Below are a five important tips to follow on how to make sure there is success when looking for the perfect appliance. Don’t let all the choices overwhelm the thought process, make a game plan before going into shopping and you can be successful.

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All About Appliance Error Codes

We all know that horror, when you see a flashing code on your appliance. It’s an error code and it means something is wrong. But, it’s a number and a letter and you have no idea what it means. So, in order to fix this problem, here is all about appliance error codes. Continue reading

Water Filter Time!

59042935 - choosing ice-maker programme at refrigerator displayer.

Since it’s summertime there are a few more appliances to be aware of when it comes to maintenance. This time around it is the water filter. It may not be a big item and on the radar, but not replacing the water filter can have some negative effects, especially since it will be getting used a lot more now since the hot weather has arrived.

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Get Rid of the Pet Hair!

dog and cat_s

Being a pet owner is so rewarding whether there is a tail wagging dog or a purring cat. They welcome people when they come in and are such a warm presence within the house. However, do you know what isn’t welcoming when it comes to the fun loving pets? Their hair. It seems that whenever the cleaning is done, pet hair seems to migrate back into place and if they get on the furniture, even more hair accumulates. Below are some helpful tips to make the pet hair not a problem for you or your fun loving companion.

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Recycling Time!

45544109 - hand holding metal tray with recycle conceptNow that it is officially Summer, it’s time to thank mother nature and help out the environment. One of the easiest ways to do this is to recycle. It’s probably heard all year round about how important it is and it is, but recycling doesn’t only help the environment, it also helps you. Read below about the benefits of recycling.

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