Refrigerator deep clean with added maintenance tips

When’s the last time you gave your refrigerator a really good deep clean? Follow these tips to keep your appliance running smoothly and avoid costly repairs. Please feel free to repin, like, share and tweet this.RefrigeratorCleaningMaintenanceTips


Washer won’t start or does nothing when I turn it on – Washer Repair Help

If your washer does nothing when you turn it on, answer the following questions to start your diagnosis.

Is power getting to your washer? First, check the power source to make sure power is getting to the appliance. Unplug your washer and plug in a smaller appliance such as a lamp or hair dryer and turn it on to check if power is flowing to the outlet. Also check your circuit breaker or fuse box for a blown fuse or tripped circuit.

Is your washing machine’s lid up or door open? As a safety precaution, your washer will not advance and the tub will not start moving until the lid is down  or the door is closed. If you have a top-loader, check the lid switch probe. On top loading washers, the lid switch probe is a small piece of plastic located under the washer lid. When the lid is closed, the probe enters into the lid switch assembly to activate your machine. Over time and use, the probe can become dislodged. Sometimes adjusting the probe will fix the problem.

Lid Switch Assembly. Part 22003804. Whirlpool.

Lid Switch Assembly. Part 22003804. Whirlpool.

Is your washing machine between cycles? Make sure your appliance is not between washing cycles. Sometimes the timer knob does not line up properly with a cycle. Try to advance the knob manually, to see if your washer starts.

If you have checked all these items and still have not found the cause of your washing machine’s problems, here are a few parts to check:

Lid switch or lid switch assembly. Open and close your washer’s lid. If you do not hear a click, when you close your washer’s lid, then there may be a problem with your washer’s lid switch or lid switch assembly.

Door lock or door lock assembly. If you have a front-loading washer, check the door lock, usually located in the door frame of your washer or as part of the door lock assembly.

To find the right part for your washing machine, locate it’s model number and use that when searching or ordering your part from For more washer repair help, visit the Washer Repair Help Section.

12-LED Camping Lantern with Dimmer Control, perfect for the littlest camper

July is a great time to get outdoors and whether you are camping in the wild or just in your backyard, this 12-LED camping lantern is the perfect lighting accessory for your outdoor getaway.

12-LED Camping Lantern with Dimmer Control

12-LED Camping Lantern with Dimmer Control

The super bright, 360 degree 12 LED bulbs produces enough illumination for reading, but can be dimmed and used as a night light using the high-to-low dimmer switch. Its lightweight (7.41 oz) and compact design (5.63 inches tall) with folding  dual handles makes it perfect for a small child to carry and handle.

It also features a compass mounted on the top cap and runs on 3 AA batteries. Select from three colors: red, yellow or blue.

Tips for planning an “away” camping trip with children

  • Book well in advance; August is a peak season for camping.
  • Check out your prospective campground’s map for hazards such as cliff drip offs or bodies of water. Pick spots away from these hazards. If you need help, call the campground and ask them for their most child-friendly spot.
  • Before you take an away trip, practice by camping in your backyard or by even letting your child sleep in a tent indoors.

For game ideas, treats, goodies and fun at-home activities, read “14 Ideas for Camping Out In Your Backyard

10 Tips for Camping with Kids

Purchase the battery-operated 12-LED Camping Lantern with Dimmer Control at

What to consider when buying a new dishwasher

After price, size and cleaning performance, what other factors should you consider when purchasing a new dishwasher? Here are a few you might want to take into consideration.insideofdishwasher

Dishwasher cycle run-times

Shorter run times under a standard or “normal” cycle means clean dishes faster and cheaper.  The average dishwasher’s normal cycle takes about two hours to complete. Look for dishwashers with shorter normal cycles to save time and money.

Noise-level and quiet dishwashers

Loud dishwashers are annoying, especially in open-concept homes. Consumer Reports takes this into consideration when ranking dishwasher,s as does Good Housekeeping. Good Housekeeping recommends you keep this tip in mind when shopping for a quite dishwasher, “The more expensive it is, generally the quieter it is.”  They also advise to look for models where the motors are mounted to the base-pan and not the tub which can amplify sound.

Adjustable dishwasher racks and loading flexibility

Adjustable dishwasher racks allow for the folding down of dishwasher tines or rack height adjustments that make it easier to fit in odd-shaped dishes. Some dishwashers are now being sold with larger utensil baskets to accommodate larger washable kitchen accessories.

Special cleaning features

Samsung makes a dishwasher with  a “Storm Wash,” or  “Zone Boost” setting which lets you apply extra power to dirtier dishes through blasts of water and by adjusting water  pressure during cleaning.

Energy saving dishwasher features

Features like soil sensors detect how dirty the dishes are inside and automatically adjusts water usage and cycle length accordingly. Check the Energy Guide label to see quick estimates of yearly energy costs. Learn how to read an Energy Guide Label.

To save even more money, check with your local utility to see if they offer any cash rebates or other incentive programs if you purchase an energy-efficient appliance. Find a program at the ENERGY STAR website:

To learn more about dishwasher features and to see which dishwasher ranked highly in recent Consumer Reports testing, visit Consumer Reports Dishwasher Buying Guide.

Visit the Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s Dishwasher product review and shopping guide for dishwasher reviews and buying tips.



Beauty in the ice box – Ice cube facials

Here’s a beauty treatment that is as close as your freezer — ice cube facials promise to cool you down while toning and improving your skin.IceCube_Clear

Lauran Conrad claims that in addition to giving your skin a “dewy, glowing look” the ice cubes facial will help “smooth your complexion by combatting fat cells, ease wrinkles, fight acne, and promote blood circulation that will help heal blemishes.”

She suggests freezing ice cubes with slices of lemon, watermelon or rose for more of a spa-type treatment.  Wrap the ice cubes in a paper towel or put them in a Ziploc bag before applying them to your face using massaging strokes.

This slide from Redbook suggests that you rub a plain ice cube to your face in the morning to slow down the signs of again and to help wake you up.

Beauty blogger Michelle Phan at one time created her own green tea and vitamin-E infused ice cubes, but now links to those posts are gone. Here’s a recipe for it in case you are interested in creating your own.

So do ice facials work and do all that they claim to do? Any dermatologists out there care to let us know?

Why won’t my washing machine spin? Washer repair help

If your washing machine is no longer spinning, it might be due to a faulty  motor coupler, faulty clutch  (top load washers) or water level switch.

Washer Clutch assembly part

Clutch Kit commonly used on Direct Drive model Whirlpool/Kenmore brands clothes washers.
Part number: 285785

Before taking apart your washer, unplug the machine and turn off the water to the supply lines and disconnect them from your washer. Also, carefully remove the drain hose as water could still be in the hose and it might spill on to your floor.

If your washer makes a noise when you manually advance the timer to a spin cycle, but it is not actually spinning, then it could be a problem with the motor transmission or motor coupler.

The washing machine motor coupler is a small, relatively inexpensive washing machine part that is mounted to the shaft of the motor on one side, and to the transmission on the other. This protects your transmission from excessive loading. It can wear out over time, crack or split. Inspect the part to see if it is worn or broken and replace it.

Top-loading washing machines typically use a clutch system which connects between the transmission and the inner tub to move the tub and cause it to spin. Overtime, this part can wear out. If you notice that your clothes are wetter than normally coming out of the washer, it might be due to this part weakening and wearing out. Replace this part.

The water level switch controls how much water enters the tub according to load size. If it is not resetting once the water has drained, power will not be available to operate the motor during spin. The part will need to be replaced.

To find the right part for your washing machine, locate it’s model number and use that when searching or ordering your part from For more washer repair help, visit the Washer Repair Help Section.

My dishwasher is not cleaning my dishes – dishwasher repair help

If your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes properly, here are a few things to check in order to fix the problem yourself.

Clean your dishwasher

It’s tough to get clean dishes out of a dirty dishwasher. Cleaning your dishwasher on a regular basis will help it run more efficiently and get your dishes clean.

Unclean dishes from dishwasher

If your dishwasher is no longer cleaning your dishes very well, here are a few simple and easy fixes you can try.

Clean the filter/drain or “trap” area at the bottom of the tub by using a cloth or paper towels to remove any excess food particles or even broken glass (be careful!). Sometimes the filter is a piece that can be removed. If so, remove and rinse away any stuck on food particles from this part in the sink. Replace the filter.

Clean the detergent dispenser. Detergent dispensers or cups can become encrusted with old soap which can prevent it from opening during the cycle. Remove any excess detergent from around and inside the dispenser.

Check the lower dishwasher spray arms to make sure the holes are free and clear of any blockage. During your dishwasher’s wash cycle, water and detergent spray through these holes to clean your dishes, so clogged spray arms might be preventing your dishwasher from properly cleaning your dishes.

To reach your lower spray arm, remove the bottom rack of your dishwasher and unscrew the lower spray arm to inspect.  Clean the spray arm with water and mild detergent if necessary. Use a tooth to pick out any food particles that are clogging the spray arm holes. If the spray arms are damaged, find the model number of your dishwasher in order to find the proper replacement part.

You can buy a dishwasher cleaner like affresh which helps destroy mineral deposit build-up from hard water along with bad smells, mildew and stains inside your dishwasher. Just drop a pod in your dishwasher’s detergent tray and run it through a regular cleaning cycle.

The vinegar and cleaners like affresh will remove any hard water deposits and leftover detergent along with any funky bad smells, leaving your dishwasher smelling fresh.

Load your dishwasher properly

Don’t overload your dishwasher racks; water and detergent need to reach the surfaces of your dishes in order to clean them. Face the dirty part of your dishes toward the center where the water from the spray arms can hit and clean them.

Don’t block the front of you dishwasher with a large pan or plate, it can prevent soap from the dishwasher’s detergent dispenser from properly mixing with the water.

Make sure your dishwasher is filling with water

After you start a normal dishwasher cycle, open the door after you hear the machine stop filling with water. The bottom tub should be filled with about three-quarters of an inch of water at least covering the heating element in the bottom of your appliance. If the water level is not correct, it could be a stuck or broken float switch. A float switch allows water to enter into the machine to a point where the float will rise up to “off” position, disconnecting power to the water inlet valve. If the switch is defective or the float is stuck in the up position, the water will not enter into the machine.


Dishwasher water inlet valve. Part number WD15X10003. for General Electric
Used on these Brands: General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA,

The water inlet valve controls how much hot water enters your dishwasher. It also has a small screen inside of it that may be blocked by dirt or debris. Either remove and clean the screen from this part, or else replace the water inlet valve altogether.

Check your pump impeller

The pump impeller, located in the dishwasher’s pump, is a round plastic fan blade that helps pressurize and circulate the water through your dishwasher’s spray arms. These parts can break over time and need to be replaced.

Check your detergent dispenser 

If the detergent dispenser is not opening, soap is not reaching your dishes. Try cleaning your detergent dispenser or checking whether a bad dishwasher timer, bi-metal release or a wax motor is preventing the dishwasher dispenser from working.

For more dishwasher repair help, visit the Dishwasher Repair Help section on

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