Signs Your Dishwasher Is Dying



On average dishwashers usually up to last 10 years. We often forget how important our dishwashers are until it’s broken and we are stuck washing our dishes by hand. A dead dishwasher is a huge inconvenience, so before your dishwasher dies you might be able to repair it. Pay attention to these signs your dishwasher might be dying.

Dishwasher age:

Most dishwashers last about a decade if it is maintained properly. If your dishwasher surpasses 10-12 years you might want to look for a new more energy efficient dishwasher.

Your dishes do not come out hot:

Manually washing relies on scrubbing while mechanical dishwasher cleans dishes by spraying hot water. The water temperature of the dishwasher is typically between 45 and 75 °C. The heating element inside of the dishwasher heats the water to this certain temperature to kill germs. If your dishwasher does not produce any hot water you might have germs all over your dishes.

No drainage:

If you notice that there is water at the bottom of your dishwasher then you might have a drain that is not working properly. This can be caused by a drain clogged with food or a cracked/broken drain.

Your appliance is rusting:

You should annually swipe underneath the dishwasher with a light-colored cloth to see if your dishwasher is rusting. If your dishwasher is rusting this means that your appliance is leaking and reaching places where it should not be.

The door does not latch:

This can be a simple repair or means that an entire unit has warped and no longer fits together. A warped unit is an indication that it can no longer hold water inside and will need to be replaced to prevent floor damage.

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One thought on “Signs Your Dishwasher Is Dying

  1. That’s good to know that if your dishes don’t come out of the dishwasher hot, then they might still have germs on them. I would think that it gets pretty hot in there and that not having that heat could let the germs that the soap doesn’t get stay on there. I’ll have to make sure that I call a repairman as soon as I see any issues with the heat in my dishwasher.

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