Troubleshoot your Humidifier

Humidifier in the houseHaving a humidifier in the home can have a ton of benefits. It can improve skin and hair health, reduce respiratory symptoms, and increase the longevity of your home’s wood floors and furniture. Particularly in the drier times of year, many people have one constantly running. As with any appliance, things can stop working and cause you unwanted stress. Keep reading to see how to fix a few common issues yourself!

There are many varieties of humidifiers, but for this we will be focusing on the troubleshooting of whole house humidifiers.

Does Not Start

As with any appliance, start by making sure that the humidifier is plugged in and turned on. Check the power cord for signs of damage, and check the power source itself. See if the other appliances stemming from that power source are working (if they are, it is not the power source).

Sometimes if the humidity level in the house is higher than the humidifier setting, it will have issues running. Use a humidistat to check the room’s humility and ensure that it is not higher than what the humidifier is set for. This is more likely the issue if the humidifier is being newly introduced to your house.

Not Running Effectively

If it seems weak or ineffective, check to make sure that nothing is blocking the humidifier. Keep it clear of dust and debris by regularly cleaning the whole system. Also, be sure to keep several inches of space between the appliance and any items or walls.

Keep all doors and windows closed, and check that when they are closed, there is a tight seal. Often, air escaping is the cause of the air not being made humid effectively. Check the manual and make sure the specifications for your model are suited for its environment.


The humidifier will make some noise, but it should not be enough that you really notice. If it starts making an obnoxious buzzing sound, it is most likely because something is not lubricated enough. Apply oil to the fan motor bearing to lubricate it.

Another possibility is that there is something clogging the drive mechanism, so check it out. Be sure to regularly clean the fan, nozzle, and water reservoir to prevent things from getting stuck to the mechanism.

If the sound is more like a vibration, there could be some loose parts in the system. Remove the cover and check/tighten the screws, and make sure the fan has a tight connection onto the shaft.

Water Leaking

If there is water coming from somewhere, start by removing the humidifier from the power source and finding the leaking source. Check the reservoir for damage or leaking. Empty the reservoir and see if it keeps leaking. Check the water delivery system, and check for damage to the wick or the hose.

Look at the solenoid valve to see if there is something blocking or clogging it, as this is the valve that allows water to enter the valve and can easily leak if blocked. Check the filter and clean it thoroughly. A blocked up filter can cause water to end up on the floor as well.

Hopefully you now have a functional, effective humidifier in your home!

Remember to only perform tasks that you feel comfortable and able to do. You can always call a professional if you are unsure of the safety of something.

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