My Vacuum is Smelling?

35396604 - a bad smell

It’s cleaning day and all you have to do is vacuum. Everything is clean so after vacuuming everything should look and smell great, but wait, you’re done vacuuming and there is this lingering smell. Sometimes the vacuum can accumulate certain odors which causes it to smell after being used. Read below to figure out how to get rid of this smelling vacuum.

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Get Rid of the Pet Hair!

dog and cat_s

Being a pet owner is so rewarding whether there is a tail wagging dog or a purring cat. They welcome people when they come in and are such a warm presence within the house. However, do you know what isn’t welcoming when it comes to the fun loving pets? Their hair. It seems that whenever the cleaning is done, pet hair seems to migrate back into place and if they get on the furniture, even more hair accumulates. Below are some helpful tips to make the pet hair not a problem for you or your fun loving companion.

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