Why Is My Dryer Making Clinking Noises? | How to Remove Coins from a Dryer


People keep all sorts of things in their pockets, from change, to keys, to hair pins and paper clips.  Most of the time, we remember to empty our pockets before doing a load of laundry, but every now and then everyone forgets.  If you’re lucky, you’ll still find them right in your pocket after the dry cycle.  But sometimes, these items seem to disappear.

If you hear clinking or clanking noises during the dry cycle and suspect that you’ve lost loose change, or any other small items in your dryer we may be able to help. 

WARNING: Before starting any repair, always make sure that the appliance is completely disconnected from the power source by unplugging the appliance.  Read More.

Removing Items Lost in the Dryer:

The following guide references a Maytag Gas Dryer (Model MGDB980BW0), your model may differ somewhat.  Please consult your owner’s manual.  

If you’ve been hearing a clinking or clanking sound during the dry cycle and have made sure that it is not a problem with the motor or belt, you may have coins or other loose items in your dryer drum baffles.

8563860 - Drum Baffle

Part # 8563860 – Whirlpool Drum Baffle

Most dryers typically have 3 drum baffles, which help to aerate clothes as the dryer spins.  You will have to remove the baffles to clear out any coins or other items that may be causing the clinking noises.

To do so, you will only need 2 tools: a putty knife and a 1/4″ nut driver.

  1. Unplug the dryer before starting your repair
  2. Using a stiff putty knife, release the two tabs at the front of the dryer and open the lid.  Carefully rest the lid up against the wall while you work.Open Top
  3. Open the dryer door to access the drum.  Move the first baffle to the top of the drum by rotating the drum clockwise from the inside.
  4. Holding the baffle inside the drum with one hand, use a 1/4″ nut driver, remove the bolts securing the drum baffle.Remove the Screws  Clear out any coins, etc. that may have gotten stuck.
  5. Line the baffle up, and replace the bolts to secure, being careful not to over-tighten the bolts.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until all baffles have been checked.
  7. Close the dryer door and push the lid shut.  You may need to press in on the clips to ensure that they are properly aligned.
  8. Plug the dryer in and test it out!

Altogether, this should only take 20-30 minutes to complete.  We also recommend checking another common spot for lost coins and other small items: the lint filter.  If you haven’t done so in a while, remove the lint filter and check to see if anything has fallen down below it (you may need a flashlight).  Remove anything that may have collected there before replacing.

If during this repair you find that you need to replace a Drum Baffle in your dryer, we have an easy step-by-step video on how to complete that repair.


Have any questions or tips?  Feel free to leave them for us in the comments!  You can find new Drum Baffles and many other dryer parts available for purchase at  www.pcappliancerepair.com


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