Heat Dry vs. Air Dry in the Dishwasher


Clean cutlery and plates


Dishwashers can be tricky. Washing and drying dishes can make people curious about which cycle is better or worse when it comes the dishes. One question which has risen is whether air drying or heat drying the dishes from the dishwasher is better. No one wants to dry dishes because it can become quite a chore, but which is better. The thing is, each has their own benefits so it is based on personal preference. Read below to see which option is better for you.

Heated Drying Cycle & Air Drying

The dishwasher has an electric heating element which makes heated hair which pumps through the dishwasher during the cycle of heating. Moisture is then pulled about by a fan which is placed at the top of the door on the dishwasher. This moisture is then pushed out through the vents. This process helps quicken the drying cycle.

The air dry cycle does not use heat. Room temperature air is cycled through the dishwasher for the cycle duration.


Energy is another difference in heated drying and air drying. The heated drying cycle uses an increase of energy. About 15 to 20 percent more than the air drying cycle. Air drying does not increase the energy consumption because it does not use the heating element.


Because the heated drying cycle uses heat to dry the dishes, it helps to dry the dishes in a faster pace. The air drying cycle does not use heat; therefore, the time to dry the dishes may increase. This may mean that there will be drying to be done by hand when the dishwashing cycles are done.

Most models that come out with both of these cycles were created after 2011. There are certain things to consider when asking yourself which cycle is better. Whether you want the speed or the saving on energy, the dishes come out clean.

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