How Often do you Clean your Coffee Pot?

Cup of heart latte art

Turns out, your coffee machine should be cleaned at least once a month, and more often than that if you brew more than one pot a day (or if you have particularly hard water). Every time coffee gets brewed, tiny amounts of debris from the beans, and anything in your water, build up in the machine. If left to sit for too long, this can become noticeable in the taste of your coffee- yikes!

But this is not a big deal; thoroughly cleaning the coffee machine is quick and simple.

Fill the reservoir in the back (where you would normally put water) half with white vinegar and half with water. Turn it on and run it through as if you were making a regular pot of coffee. Dump the vinegar mixture from the pot, and repeat the process but this time just using plain water. You will most likely have to run it two or three times to make sure all the vinegar is rinsed out. If you make coffee and it tastes a little bit like vinegar, just run it again with water until it is back to normal.

In between the monthly thorough cleaning, the pot itself should be wiped down or washed with dish soap as you feel necessary, to keep it from collecting old coffee grinds and staining.

It is recommended to not re-use your coffee filters, as this increases the build-up and will also result in your coffee tasting differently.

And that’s it. Enjoy your next cup of pure, fresh tasting coffee!

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