Troubleshoot your Gas Range

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Most people use their stoves and/or ovens at least once a day. Because they face so much use, it is important to maintain them properly. A lot of issues that arise with your gas range that seem bad can actually be fixed fairly easily on your own. Keep reading to see some common problems and their respective solutions!

Oven not Heating

A common reason for the oven not heating is a faulty bake element. The bake element should glow orange within a few seconds of turning on the oven. If it does not, or if it glows very weak, turn it off and check it for any obvious abrasions or defects. Use a multimeter test to check for continuity. If there is no continuity, you will need to replace the bake element.

Another common reason could be a faulty igniter. If the igniter glows for more time than it is supposed to (as stated in your manual, generally about 90 seconds) without igniting the gas flame, it is too weak to work properly. If it does not glow at all, test the continuity. If it is weak or has no continuity, it should be replaced.

Burner Won’t Light

This could be caused by the pilot light simply having gone out- try just re-lighting the burner and it should continue to work.

Check the burner flame openings and make sure they are not clogged. Clean them out if necessary.

If your stove has an electric igniter, make sure that the stove is plugged in, and plugged into a working power source.

Gas Odor

If you smell gas but the burner flame is not going, first ventilate the house, and then re-light the flame to get it going.

If you can smell gas and the pilot light is going, check the surrounding burners and make sure they are all completely off. If they are all off, turn off the gas supply to the stove and call the gas company for assistance, as this could be a bigger issue.

Weaker Burner Flame

A weak flame could be caused by a clogged burner flame opening. Turn it off and once the area is cool, check the openings and clean them out if necessary. Check for grease (particularly if you have cooked something greasy recently), as this can make the flame weak and also cause the potential for a grease fire.

Also check the air shutter, as it could be caused by not enough air getting to the burner. Adjust if necessary.

Never perform any maintenance that you do not feel comfortable doing on your own, and be sure to follow all safety precautions laid down by your range’s specific manual.

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