The Dryer Sheet Question!


There seems to be a lot of questions when it comes to a certain accessory for the dryer. It seems that people are confused about the dryer sheets. They often ask, what happens if I don’t use or forgot to use a dryer sheet? There seems to be panic at times. Read below to know on what happens when the dryer sheet is forgotten.

There should be no panic when it comes to the dryer sheet because they are just meant to enhance the cleaning process by making clothes or towels smell nice and feel softer. They bring out the best in your clothing, but your clothes or towels aren’t any less clean if you don’t use them.

There isn’t anything that could go wrong if you don’t put a dryer sheet in with your clothes, thus making it unnecessary. Some people only use dryer sheets when they are washing and drying towels only.

Some benefits of the dryer sheets are:

  • Preventing static cling
  • Assist in cleaning and scrubbing
  • Provide additional scents and fragrances.

Not using dryer sheets will not do anything to the dryer or the clothing, but using them can benefit the clothes and towels within the dryer.

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