Now the Exterior!

38936292 - man worker washing car's alloy wheels on a car wash

The outside of a car is an easy clean. Especially with the warm weather ahead of us, being out in the sun is no big deal. Look below for a few tips to get that car into an even deeper shine and an even deeper clean.

Windshield Wipers – Take a little rubbing alcohol and rub up and down the windshield wipers for a streak free wipe on those stormy days.

Grille and Bumper – Use dryer sheets to get rid of bugs. Dip a sheet in warm water and begin wiping

Headlights – Take water and toothpaste to make those headlights shine.

Windows – When wiping down the windows, make sure to roll it down first to get the grim off of the top of the window. If you do this last, the work you did below would be for nothing.

With these simple steps, your car can get an even bigger shine and clean with little work. Try out a couple of these steps and see the beauty that can come from it.


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