How to Replace a Refrigerator Door Handle

33455170 - the hand of a young man is opening a freezer door

A refrigerator door handle is the part of the refrigerator that allows you to open the fridge door. Over time you will find that your door handle isn’t working as it used to.  If yours is broken or cracked, you might need to replace this part.

For this repair you will only need a 1/8th inch Allen wrench:

Step by step instructions on how to replace the door handle on your fridge

  1. Open the fridge door
  2. Locate the Mounting Screws Securing the Handle
  3. Unscrew using the Allen Wrench
  4. Remove the old Door Handle
  5. Place the new Door Handle on the Mounting Bolts, bottom first then the top
  6. Replace the Mounting Screws & tighten with the Allen Wrench
  7. Close the fridge door


Visit to find the part that works for your appliance. Get your refrigerator door handles here.

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