Why Do I Smell Gas From My Oven?

40131156 - electric oven with open door, isolated on white background.

If you own a gas oven, you will notice that when you start the oven a strange odor will come from it. This odor is a combination of gas at the burner and the smell will disappear when the oven heats up. However, unburned gas has a distinct odor as well. You will be able to tell the difference from this odor to the gas when you turn on your oven. If it smells like rotten eggs then here is what you should do.

  1. Turn off your oven
  2. Open your windows
  3. If an open flame is present extinguish it
  4. If the smell doesn’t disappear please contact your gas company on a phone outside of your home.

If you have turned off the gas line yourself and don’t smell gas anymore then you can check a few parts yourself to make sure they’re working properly. If you can smell the gas with the cut-off valve for the stove shut then your gas leak is coming from somewhere inside your unit.

Also please make sure that all of your surface burners are off. If the burner is on but not igniting that could be the reason why you are smelling gas. You could also have a failed gas valve on of the burners as well that is causing the smell.

Regardless of how old your unit is you should have it checked for any leaks or broken parts regularly.

Call you gas company or a service technician to help solve this problem.

Thanks for reading!

If you need to replace any parts for your range/oven/stove you can find an oem replacement part on our website.

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