Why Is My Dishwasher Noisy?

28459492 - woman is using a dishwasher in a modern kitchen

Some loud noises coming from your dishwasher are normal, but if it is the water making a hissing noise through the water inlet valve, the pump motor is humming, or water is swishing around then you should take a closer look inside your dishwasher. Is your dishwasher making loud noises? If your dishwasher is extra loud or is being noisy here are some parts to check in order to solve this problem.

Here is a list of parts to check if your dishwasher is noisy.

  1. Drain Pump:

The drain pump is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. It pressurizes the spray arms and drains the water. If the pump is faulty, your dishwasher may make loud noises.

  1. Spray Arms:

The spray arms need to spin freely, so make sure nothing is in the way causing a noise. If the arms are wobbly, it may be worn and loose and can be replaced. The other parts mentioned are plastic rings that support the wash arms. If they are loose or worn, you may hear a loud noise because the spray arm will not be able to function properly.

  1. Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is an electrically controlled valve that allows water into the dishwasher. The water inlet valve may make noise over time as it gets worn out and the water rushes through.  If the dishwasher is loud when it is filling, the water inlet valve may need to be replaced.

Your dishwasher requires maintenance over time. Make sure you are properly taking care of your dishwasher so it is operating efficiently.

Thanks for reading!

If you need to replace any parts for your dishwasher you can find an oem replacement part on our website.

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