How to Fix a Dryer That Shakes


One of the most common problems when troubleshooting a dryer is a wobbly/shaking dryer. There are various reasons why your dryer could be wobbly. It may be due to an unleveled surface /machine.

Un-Leveled Dryer:

If you have an unbalanced dryer, your appliance can shake and make a lot of noises.

  • First, unplug your appliance
  • Move your appliance away from the wall
  • Next, tip it over and carefully set it down
  • Locate the feet of the appliance
  • Spin it
  • Put your appliance back
  • If your appliance is still wobbly, check the balance with an app you can download
  • Adjust the nut with a 9-16 wrench



Replace Your Leveling-leg

Leveling legs stabilize and support the dryer to ensure that it does not shake during operation. If you have a shaky or wobbling dryer, then you might have a loose or broken leveling leg. This will cause your dryer to not be completely leveled.

  • Unplug your appliance
  • Next, tilt your dryer onto its side
  • Twist out the leveling leg
  • Replace it with your new OEM replacement leg
  • Twist it back in


If the problem still exists after following these steps then you might want to use an anti-vibration pad. These are used to prevent machines from creating loud noises and shaking.


Thanks For Reading! We hope this helps, and once you have located the problem area on your dryer, repair or replace the necessary parts as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Please visit to fix the part that works with your dryer.


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