Why Is my Dryer Making Loud Noises?

How to fix a loud noisy dryer

A Dryer that is making loud noises could mean a number of things. The tricky part is trying to figure out where the noise is exactly coming from. The longer you wait to fix this problem could cause more damage to your dryer unit.  Here is what to check in order to fix a noisy dryer.Work Dryer drum glide on bearing


The front of the dryer rests on the glides. They provide a low friction surface on which the drum spins. After time, the glides wear down and cause a loud grinding noise to happen when they wear thin. This grinding noise will

leave a visible bare metal stripe. If the glides are worn and causing a loud noise then you should replace them. See a video on how to replace this part Replacing a GE Dryer Drum Bearing Slide.

Drum Bearings

Some dryer models contain rear drum bearings. The rear drum rests on this bearing. The bearing provides a low friction surface on which the drum spins. This bearing can wear down over time and will produce a squeaking or squealing noise. The solution is to replace this part in order to stop this noise.


Drum Support Rollers & Shaft

Some dryer models contain support rollers. The weight of the dryer drum rests on these rollers. The support rollers provide a low friction surface on which the drum spins when it is in use. As time goes on, the rollers will wear down. They will begin to elongate and form a non-round shape causing your dryer to rumble. This sound is usually the drum being forced up and down on the non-round wheels. If the rollers are worn and creating noises then replace them.


Open dryer top showing belt.jpg

Drive Belt

A worn Belt could be the cause for your loud dryer. A worn drive belt can stretch and become brittle over time. The belt can then slip on the drum or motor to cause an unpleasant squeaking noise.

idler pulleyIdler Pulley

The Idler Pulley is responsible for keeping tension on the dryer belt. It is located on the bottom of the dryer frame next to the drive motor pulley. Your Idler pulley might be worn out and should be replaced if it’s causing your dryer to make a loud noise.

Dryer SealFelt Drum Seal

The Felt Drum Seal acts as a cushion between the drum and the front and rear bulkheads. It prevents excess air from entering the dryer drum as well.  If the felt drum seal is worn then clothing will get stuck. With a worn or broken felt seal it an create a scraping noise. Replace your felt drum seal if this is the case.

Blower Wheel & Blower Housing

If you hear a great deal of noise coming from the blower area of the dryer when it is running then the blower wheel could be defective. The fins on the wheel can break off and bounce around in the blower breaking more pieces. The blower can break around the coupler with the shaft causing the blower to spin loosely on the shaft. The blower can also form cracks which form the cause it to vibrate as well. If the blower wheel is not spinning, is missing vanes (fins), or is not circulating air efficiently then you should replace it.


Baffle or Lifter

A dryer baffle or lifter can be found on the inner surface of the drum. They are used to tumble the clothes in the dryer. If this part becomes lose it can produce a loud banging noise in the dryer. Check for small objects under the baffles that might be causing loud noises to occur. Replace this part before it causes damage to your clothing.


Leveling Leg

Your dryer might being making noises because it is not leveled properly. You can use a level to see if the dryer is slanting in one or more direction and tighten/loosen the leveling legs as necessary.


The motor is responsible for turning the blower and the dryer drum. A broken motor can cause your dryer to make a variety of loud noises. If your dryer motor is causing your ider pulley, bearing, or motor to make noises you may want to isolate your motor if it’s making loud unpleasant noises.

Once you have located the problem area on your dryer, repair or replace the necessary parts as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Please visit http://www.pcappliancerepair.com/index.php to fix the part that works with your dryer.


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