Reasons Why Your Dryer May Not Be Advancing or Moving Forward

Imagine you’re in a rush and waiting for your clothes to dry to find out your dryer was not moving forward this entire time! In order to fix your dryer, you might need to diagnose your appliance first. Here we have listed some possible outcomes as to why your dryer may not be moving forward. 

You may need to replace your cycling thermostat.

  • The cycling thermostat helps to maintain the internal temperature of the dryer

You may need to replace your timer.

  • The dryer timer part dictates the length of each cycle involved in the drying process.

You may need to replace your timer assembly.

  • The timer assembly advances the dryer through each cycle.

You may need to replace your interior cycling thermostat.

  • The interior cycling thermostat cuts off the dryer if it becomes exceptionally hot.

You may need to replace your hi-limit thermostat.

  • The hi-limit thermostat will automatically cut off the dryer if its temperature exceeds a certain number, which prevents overheating.



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