DIY How to Remove Dents from Your Stainless Steel Appliance

33641100_s.jpgStainless steel looks really nice and clean in your kitchen right? What can go wrong with having a stainless steel appliance? Well, dents of course. No matter how careful you are with your appliance whether that is your stove refrigerator or anything else causing dents or scratches are hard to avoid.

Dents are a pain if you don’t know to how to fix it but don’t worry it isn’t necessary for a professional to take them out. Dents have a variety of shapes and sizes so there is not one method that would work for all. Here are some of the few methods we came up with you get rid of your dents

Add Cold Temperature to the dent:

Adding cold temperatures will allow the metal to contract. When the metal begins to control it will start to shrink which will allow the dent to go back to its original state. Apply dry ice at the center of the dent and leave it on the appliance for a few minutes until it is frozen.

If Cold Temperatures Don’t Work, Try Heat:

Metals have the tendency to expand with heat. Using something hot like a heat gun or a hair dryer on the surface of the dent until it is extremely hot will allow the dent to slowly expand to its normal shape.

Push the Dent Out

Depending on the appliance, if you are able to get behind the dent try to push it from the opposite side. This might not work on some appliance.

Suck that Dent Out:

Use force from a plunger or suction cup to pull the dent out. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as it is a suction device that is able to pull the dent. Adding water to the dent allows any suction device a better grip to suck it out. After, place the suction cup onto the dent and press down on it and gently pull it out. You may need to repeat this step if it does not work the first time.


I hope this helps! For any questions or tips on how to get rid of dents on your stainless steel appliance leave a comment in the comment section.  For more tips, tricks, and appliance repair check us out at


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