Got the Case of a Leaking Washer?


Having a leaky washer can be very dangerous when it is in use. It can be especially dangerous if there are leaking puddles on your floor because it can lead to accidents.

Inoperative fill valve

During the fill cycle, unplug the washer to see if the water will stop. If the water does not stop your fill valve might need to be replaced. It is going to be located behind the control panel.

Door Seal

The door seal might be another culprit for your washer leaking. There might be a torn hole somewhere that is preventing the door from closing properly, which can lead to leaking from your washer. If the water is leaking from the inside of the washer you must identify which part of the cycle it is happening at.

Improper loading and improper detergent usage

Any improper loading and detergent usage can cause the system to malfunction.

Check for cracks

I also recommend you check for any cracks or possible fractures on the door gaskets, air dome and the outer tube. Other mechanically causes could be related to the pump not removing the water fast enough and causing water to spill all over the top of the tub.

Unsecured drain hoses and unsecured pump valves

This may also cause this condition. If you see water leaking from your water inlet valve it is recommended to examine and see if the inlet hoses are connected properly. If the hoses are not connected properly be sure to re-plug the hoses and check to see if they are working efficiently, when in use.


Good luck! We hope your washer is spinning like new soon. If your washing machine is not working for different reasons, please check out our website  or our washer repair videos to find out what parts you might need to fix the problem.


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