My Washer is Eating My Socks!

Do you ever notice you lose one or two socks after every laundry load? Ever wonder where your socks go? Missing socks are one of those great mysteries that people are always trying to solve. No fear, the solution is here!

After doing research on why your socks go missing you’ve probably found tips and hacks, such as putting your socks on top of the rest of your clothes or lessen your load, but most of the time those don’t work or your socks are already missing. Instead, it might just be a case of a hungry washer. Here are the steps to retrieve your socks from the washer!

Tools You’ll Need:

-1/4 inch Nut Driver

– Hammer

– Tape

– Flat Head Screwdriver

– Spanner Wrench

Steps to Stop the Hungry Washer:

  • It is extremely important to always unplug the washer and turn off the water supply first
  • Disconnect the hose that is connected to the washer
  • Remove the small back panel
  • Remove the two hinge screws
  • Use the tape to keep the lid down
  • To unlock, pull the top panel forward then lift it up and push back
  • Tip the top panel back
  • Remove the dust cap and softener dispenser
  • Using the flat head screwdriver, unscrew the agitator bolt
  • Lift up the agitator base to remove assembly and the spacer
  • Unlock the tabs on tub ring with the screwdriver
  • To loosen the tub nut. use the spanner wrench
  • To remove the inner tub, lift up
  • Retrieve your socks from the washer!
  • Put the inner tub back in
  • Tighten the tub nut
  • Replace the tub ring and push down on it to lock into place
  • Replace the agitator assembly
  • Replace the agitator bolt
  • Replace dust cap and softener dispenser


We hope you found this helpful! For more information regarding appliance tips, parts and accessories you may need visit Don’t forget to like and share this post to others having the case of a hungry washer !


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