Common Repairs and Maintenance Tips For Your Dryer

The key to a healthy dryer is keeping it well maintained and fixing any damages or breaks as quickly as possible so that they don’t further damage the unit. Keeping a dryer well maintained can be very simple job if you have some knowledge of common dryer repairs and maintenance tips. So take a moment to learn about some of the common repairs and maintenance tips to keep your dryer healthy and running efficiently!


Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the dryer lint filter every time you use your dryer.
  •  Inspect the dryer lint screen for any rips or tears, even the smallest tear can cause damage to your dryer unit so it is important to replace your dryer lint screen if you find any tears or rips.
  • Use a vacuum to clean the dryers vent housing at least a few times a year.
  • Clean the vent pipe located in the back of the dryer at least once a year to rid it of any lint residue.
  • Clean the inside panels of the dryer at least once a year with a vacuum. (To gain access to the inside panels of the dryer you will have to remove the outside panels)

* All of these dryer maintenance tips help to prevent dryer fires.

Common Repairs

  • Dryer Lint Filter/Screen
    • The dryer lint filter/screen catches lint as air is removed from the drum. You may need to replace your dryers lint filter/screen if you notice and tears or rips in the screens mesh.
  • Dryer Belt
    • The dryer belt is the part of the dryer that is responsible for spinning the dryer drum. You may need to replace your dryers belt if your dryer is making loud noises, the drum is not spinning, or if your current belt has snapped or is damaged.
  • Dryer Gas Valve Coils
    • The gas valve coils regulate the gas supply to the igniter by turning the gas valve on and off in order to maintain the proper temperature inside the unit. You may need to replace your dryers gas valve coils if your dryer is no longer heating up, if the coils are no longer providing as to the igniter, or if your current cas valve coils are damaged.
  • Dryer Igniter
    • The igniter creates heat inside the dryer. You may need to replace your dryers igniter if your dryer isn’t producing heat, if your clothes are still wet after the dry cycle, or if your current igniter is damaged.

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Written By: Claire Begalke



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