Getting Your Appliances Prepared For the Holiday Season


The holiday season is finally upon us. As family and friends gather at our houses we must be sure that everything goes right. This time of year also puts the most stress on our appliances. Whether it’s preparing all of our favorite holiday meals and treats in our ovens, storing them in our refrigerators and freezers and cleaning all of our dishes after the big meal in our dishwashers, we are using our appliances more than usual. So how can we prepare ourselves and our appliances for all of this holiday chaos? Here are a few tips.

First things first, prepare your oven. Most might believe that cleaning your oven the day before holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas is the best thing to do because people will be tempted to look in it. However, the self-cleaning functions require the oven to get very hot and can actually cause the oven to break down. This self-cleaning function can also create odors that fill your house from old food that may have been in the oven over a long period of time. These odors can also linger as your turkey or other items are cooking while your guests are over. It is recommended to clean your oven 2-3 weeks before the big day.

Cleaning out the fridge is another way to prepare yourself. Cleaning your fridge inside and out is a smart thing to do. Get rid of anything that is garbage or old to make room for all of the food that is going to be made for the big Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. Also, making room for leftovers is a necessity.

Clean your dishwasher. There’s going to be a lot of dishes to clean over the next few weeks from family members and friends so be sure that your dishwasher is up and running properly for the best results. Using dishwasher cleaners will remove stains on the tub, and clean buildup that accumulates over time. If you are sure your dishwasher is working and that it is clean, you can be sure that your dishes will be clean as well.

Disinfect your kitchen sink. There is a lot of bacteria that can build up in your sink over long periods of time. In some cases there can be more than your toilet bowl! Be sure to clean and disinfect your sink with bleach and water or rubbing alcohol to get rid of all this bacteria and to be sure everything is safe to eat in case someone puts something in there to sit before the big meal.

There are other small things you can check as well to be sure that your holiday season runs smoothly. For example, checking your washing machine for leaks or cracks is important so that you don’t have a flood last second.  Cleaning the microwave to make sure you get rid of any grease and stains and making sure your air vents aren’t clogged can also be done so that any food put in there is delicious. Who said winter cleaning wasn’t a thing? Get ready for the holidays and make sure your appliances are working efficiently and effectively, ultimately helping you sail through this hectic time.

Thanks for reading!  If you found this post helpful, be sure to like & share it with a friend. If you have anything you could add or share with us as well, please feel free to let us know. Happy Holidays.

By: Morgan Hurley


One thought on “Getting Your Appliances Prepared For the Holiday Season

  1. Reblogged this on Mike's Heating & Cooling and commented:
    These are great thoughts for before your holiday Thanksgiving dinner with your family but, some of us may have not gotten all these done. Now is a great time to tackle the tips you missed. (Maybe, you should even make this a priority after the holidays and the turkey splattered all over your oven, and the mashed potatoes boiled over on the stove, or even to clean out the sweets in the fridge.)
    Hope your holiday was delicious and fulfilling reflecting on all we have to be thankful for.
    Enjoy your clean fridge, stove, and sink.

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