Is Your Refrigerator Winter Ready?

Is your refrigerator ready for winter? This may seem like an odd question, refrigerators keep food cold and winter is freezing so what would you need to do to get your refrigerator ready for winter? Believe it or not, refrigerators get cold to. Refrigeration systems that are kept outdoors or in unheated areas such as garage or basement fridges can be offset by the cold weather and cause your refrigerator to maintain undesired temperatures. However, there is an easy fix a refrigerator garage kit!

38644550 - mascot illustration of an empty refrigerator showing its insides

How The Refrigerator Garage Kit Works

  • When a refrigeration system is kept in colder temperatures it can cause the defrost system in the refrigerator to not turn on because it already believes that the unit is cold enough, due to the outside temperatures. The refrigerator garage kit also referred to as a refrigerator heater kit is an attachment kit that tricks the defrost system into thinking that the unit is warmer than it actually is. This causes the compressor inside the refrigerator unit to come on more regularly which in turn maintains the correct temperature inside the refrigerator unit.

Reasons You Should Get Your Refrigerator Winter Ready

  • Running a refrigerator in cold temperatures can cause your refrigeration system to be less efficient; if the Freon in your refrigerator freezes the temperatures inside the unit can become unbalanced leading to a warm freezer and a frozen refrigerator.
  • A less efficient refrigeration system causes your refrigerator to work harder than it normally needs to. This leads to your energy bills being higher and your appliance dying sooner.
  • Wasted food!

How to Install the Refrigerator Garage Kit

  1. Locate and remove the refrigerator control box. (The control box will be located next to refrigerator control dial and refrigerator light and will be held in by four screws.)
  2. Unplug the Molex connector from the control box to the refrigerator.
  3. Remove the defrost timer inside the control box and set it to the side. (The defrost timer is the only part of the control box that is screwed into place by two screws so it will be easily detectable!)
  4. Remove the adhesive wrap on the back of the refrigerator garage kit and stick it in a “U” shape so that it is lining the inside of the control box.
  5. Reattach the defrost timer to the inside of the control box.
  6. Connect the orange and black thermostat wires to the orange and black wires attached to the refrigerator garage kit. (Orange to orange, black to black)
  7. Plug the Molex connector back into the refrigerator.
  8. Reattach the refrigerator control box to the refrigerator.

*After the refrigerator garage kit is installed refrigerator temperatures should begin to maintain proper temperatures within 24 hours*


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