How To Replace The 3 Most-Repaired Parts On A Range

Some range and oven parts are replaced more than others. Here are the top three most-repaired parts on a range or oven according to sales from our website.Three most commonly replaced parts on a range

Plug-In Surface Unit Also called the  heating element receptacle , surface unit receptacle or terminal block. This is the part that the electrical heating element slides into which provides power to the heating element. It has wires and connections under the cooktop. Sometimes burnt areas  are visible on this part due to overheating.

If your burner is not heating or your coil element is not working at all, or you smell a burning smell or your oven is making a buzzing noise, this part may need to be replaced.

Plug-In Surface Unit Kit 330031 Whirlpool

Electric Oven Bake ElementThe Bake Element provides heat to the interior of the oven. You may need to replace this part if your oven is no longer heating, or you do not notice the element glowing when the oven is on.

Gas Oven Ignitor or Igniter– When a gas oven will not heat up, a common problem is a weak or bad glow bar ignitor.  The ignitor ignites the gas and a flame is created which heats your oven. In some instances, the ignitor might be observed to glow like it’s still heating, but it is not reaching the correct amps to open the gas safety valve to allow gas to flow to the oven burner or, it is not getting hot enough to ignite the gas in the oven burner. In that case, it needs to be replaced. You can only know for certain by testing this part with a multimeter  for continuity.

Round Oven Igniter - General Electric WB2X9154

Level of Repair Difficulty

One – Easy repair: can be done in less than 10 minutes and requires minimal skills and appliance disassembly.

Two – Average Repair: might take between 10 – 15 minutes and require some disassembly, or moving of the appliance to reach the part. Repair might require the use of tools like a screw driver or pliers.

Three – Moderate Repair: might take 20 minutes or more to complete and involve the moving of an appliance or disassembly of multiple parts. Repair might involve disconnecting and reconnecting electronic lead and components.

Four – Complex Repair: requires 30 minutes or more to complete and involves a great deal of appliance disassembly—including electronic parts, leads and wires — and the use of tools, possibly specialized tools.

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