How to Replace Your Refrigerator User Interface Board


During these hot summers we want to keep our appliances working at maximum efficiency, especially our Icemakers. However, if you have an unresponsive User Interface Board, it makes for a little extra unnecessary work to cool down your beverage.

Reach inside the freezer, grab a handful of ice… But wait! Don’t forget to wash your hands!

It’s extremely annoying when our daily used appliances suddenly fail – because that means you can either leave it as is or replace it. 

If you didn’t already know, the User Interface Board or better known as an Icemaker Control Board, controls the settings for the Refrigerator including the temperature, light, and ice dispenser.

It may seem like a daunting repair. But if we told you it would take no more than 10 minutes to replace, then what? Now you’re probably thinking, “Hm, that doesn’t sound bad at all.”

Trust your Repair Help Experts, it’s not! Let’s get started.

Warning: Before starting any repair, always make sure that the appliance is completely disconnected from the power source by unplugging the appliance.

Tools Needed:

  • Flat head screwdriver


  1. Remove the user interface by taking the flat head screwdriver and sliding into the tab areas to pry it up and out
  2. Disconnect the wire harnesses and discard your old user interface
  3. Take your new user interface and connect it to the wire harness and click it into place

For a more thorough walk-through step-by-step process, be sure to check out our Repair Help Videos section where you can access this specific Repair Help Video. 


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