Is Ice Forming Around Your Air Conditioner?

31013968 - closeup very dirty air conditioner filter

As much as we love it when our air conditioner blows frigid air on a hot summer’s day,  a freezing air conditioner, or one showing ice build up on parts of the AC unit is actually a bad sign. If your air conditioner has ice forming inside or anywhere around it, that generally means that there is an issue with the unit.

Here are some easy DIY steps to solve your freezing air conditioner problem. 

Evaporator Fan

The function of the  Evaporator Fan is to keep the coils above freezing, so that any condensation does not freeze on the coils. If the Evaporator Fan is spinning too slowly or not at all, it allows condensation to freeze on the coils causing  ice to build up on the inside or outside of the unit. If you have a defective fan, it will need to be replaced.

Low Coolant Level

If your unit is low on Freon or Puron, ice might form on the refrigerant line. Similar to the Evaporator Fan, the condensation will eventually freeze, causing ice to form inside or around your air conditioner. Worse, the liquefied coolant might flow back into the Ac’s compressor, further damaging your unit.

Dust and Debris

It is very easy for dust particles and other debris to sneak into the evaporator unit. When this happens, the airflow is restricted, leaving you with the same problem as a faulty Fan Motor. It is important that you regularly clean the coils of any buildup with a proper cleaner, such as Zip Foam Coil Cleaner or Hydro-Coil Cleaner.

Additionally, you should check your air conditioner’s Air Filter for excessive debris and dust. If the filter becomes clogged,  it restricts the air flow in your unit, causing the temperature to drop below normal. If your Air Filter is clogged, it will need to be replaced.

Temperature of the Environment 

Last but not least, if you are running your air conditioner when the air outside is below 62°F, the pressure inside the system will drop. When the pressure drops, it can cause your central air conditioner to freeze up.

We hoped this blog helped you to diagnose the problem with your unit and provided you with some useful information about what can cause your air conditioner to freeze.

If you have a faulty part that was not listed above, you can find all of the original manufacturer parts for your air conditioner here -> Air Conditioner Parts


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