How to make sure your freezer is working to maximum efficiency

20545168 - single modern black refrigerator isolated on gray background

You may notice that food in your freezer may not be as frozen as you’d like. The freezer/fridge is probably the most used appliance in your kitchen, and we have a few reasons as to why it may be warmer. Before doing any inspecting or fixing of the issue, make sure your refrigerator is unplugged and receiving no power. Condenser coils are very important when it comes to cooling a freezer. To run thoroughly, the condenser coil must be clean. Check to see if it is dirty. Getting a condenser coil brush is essential to make sure that the coil is as clean as possible. The condenser fan motor sends air through the coil to keep the freezer cool. It can be found under the refrigerator near the back. Make sure this is cleaned regularly. If not the temperature of the freezer will rise.


The defrost heater heats up to melt any ice or frost buildup on the evaporator. It is located in the back of the freezer. If you see ice and frost start to form, then chances are your defrost heater is no longer working and you need to replace it. If the defrost heater is working but there is still some buildup, the issue is most likely the defrost thermostat. This determines when the defrost heater turns on to melt the ice and frost. If this doesn’t work, the buildup will not melt.
Make sure you go to our Repair Help Page to see how to replace these parts. Make sure to repair or replace the necessary parts as soon as possible. We have replacement parts from all the major manufacturer brands available for purchase on our website here.


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