7 Things You Should Never Put in Your Dryer

29626837_sWe’ve all accidentally shrunk our favorite T-shirt or de-raveled our number one sweater. It’s a common mistake we all make, yet can be easily avoided with a little fabric knowledge. It is important to know which of our clothing items can go in the dryer and which can definitely not.  If you want to avoid shrinking, warping, or frankly destroying your clothing completely, follow our list of “don’t – do’s ” for your clothing:

1. Bathing Suits

While they can take the heat at the beach, harsh temperatures can actually ruin your bathing suit. Anything made of spandex or that experiences high heat will start to break down and lose it’s elasticity.

2. Pantyhose or Tights

The delicate mesh material shrinks easily in the heat, while tumble drying can also cause them to get tangled. Since tights are so delicate, they will dry quickly on your clothes line.

3. Rubber-Backed Bath Mats

The rubber that provides some extra grip on your bathroom floor can actually fall apart in the dryer. More importantly, the deteriorated rubber can cause a fire. Very dangerous!

4. Delicates

Your “declicates” are in fact too delicate to put in the dryer; these include your bras or any items with fragile lace. The heat and agitation can harm your bra’s elasticity and also cause them to become warped. Additionally, your lace items can tear and unravel very easily in the dryer – leave them out to hang dry.

5. Garments with Embellishments

Sequins, beads, or stones can be stripped from your clothing due to agitation in your dryer. Your dryer can turn your fanciest dress into your most haggard looking clothing. Hang your embellished garments on a hanger to dry.

6. Running Shoes

Your high-performance sneakers should never go in your dryer. The heat can shrink the rubber, ruin the cushioning, and weaken adhesives. However, shoes that aren’t made for athletic purposes can be thrown in your dryer on a cooler air cycle. If you’re unsure whether it is safe or not to put your shoes in the dryer, do some quick research on the manufacturer website for clarification.

7. Anything with a Care Label

Although this may seem like a “no brainer” it is safe check your care label thoroughly. Items with silk or wool should not go through your drying machine, as they are special fabrics that can get ruined easily. If air-drying or dry cleaning is the recommended method, do it! Not only will it keep your clothing looking like new, but they will last much longer.

What About Tumble Drying?

Here are a few items that you may be wrong about not putting in the dryer:

  1. Workout Pants. The care label may recommend air-drying or dry cleaning, you can occasionally put  your active wear through a tumble dry cycle. Just remember, low heat!
  2. Tennis Shoes. As we said before, it is okay to put non-athletic shoes into your dryer such as tennis shoes and even your old Chuck Taylor’s. You can either air dry or use low heat.
  3. Dress Shirts. Be sure to keep your dress shirts nice and un-shrunk on either an air-dry or low heat cycle.
  4. Feather Pillows. It will take some serious time to put your feather pillows through the dryer, but as long as you use the delicate setting, they should be fine.

We hope this blog helps you keep your clothes in pristine condition and gave you some solid fabric knowledge. Check back in with us for some more laundry tips & suggestions.

If the problem is not with your clothes, but your dryer instead – make sure you check out our Dryer Repair Help Page to determine what exactly is happening to your dryer!





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