How To Replace An Oven Igniter

38755785_sIf you are in need of a replacement for GE oven igniter part number WB13T10045, we have them available for purchase on our website here:                                                                                                                                          

                When it’s time to replace your old oven igniter, it’s important that you disconnect your range from its power source and turn off your gas shut off valve before you get started. Once you are ready to begin your repair, follow our easy how to guide below for best results:

  1. Remove the access panel on the back of your range, there should be four screws holding it up, unscrew them with a small screw driver.
  2. Disconnect the wire from the wire harness using your screw driver and it should come right off, then push the plug back inside the opening on the back of your unit.
  3. Open the oven door and remove all the oven racks.
  4. Lift the bottom of the oven floor up and out, depending on your model, you may need to unscrew it first.
  5. Unscrew your flame spreader, (which is located underneath your oven floor) slide it forward and lift it up.
  6. Unscrew the screws holding in your igniter. (You may need to cut the connector from the old igniter, strip the wires and use the wire nuts to fasten it to your new one.)
  7. Screw your new igniter into place and position the wire harness through the opening on the back of your unit.
  8. Put your flame spreader back inside underneath the floor and screw it into place, and then place your oven floor back inside.
  9. Reconnect your wire harness on the back of the unit.
  10. Screw your shield panel back in.

Once you have finished putting everything back into place, you can then turn your gas shut off valve back on and plug your range back in to its power source.


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