Why Does My Washer Vibrate? Causes Behind a Washer That Moves and Shakes

Replacing a washer suspension spring how-to repair video

Replacing a washer suspension spring how-to repair video

If your washer vibrates or moves across the floor during the spin cycle, it might be due to improper leveling, flooring or possibly a broken or worn part on your machine. Here are some things to do and parts to check in order to fix the problem yourself.

Uneven load

This is the simplest fix. Stop the washer and try redistributing the load or try adding more items to the load. Be sure to “balance” you laundry loads by washing similarly-weight items together. Example, wash a load of towels together, a load of shirts together or with items of a similar weight. However, if your washer continues to vibrate or walk across the floor regardless of load size, then it’s time to look at other reasons.

Make sure the machine is level and stable

Try adjusting the leveling feet using a level to get a proper balance. You can also try adding Anti-Vibration Pads to prevent shaking and to dampen any sound produced by a shaky washer.

Washer Shipping Bolt Kit

Whirlpool Washer Shipping Bolt Kit helps stabilize a washer tub when moving house. Includes 4 anchor bolts. Size: 8 inch (x2), and 6-1/2 inch (x2).

Remove shipping bolts

New machine? Make sure the shipping bolts (a.k.a. transit bolts) were removed. Shipping bolts secure the tub during transit and should be removed after installation. You can also reuse the bolts if you plan on moving house to protect your washer during the move, or purchase new ones.

Suspension Springs and Tub Counterbalance Springs

Depending on the make or model of your washer, your washer might have suspension springs or tub counterbalance springs that absorb vibration while the washer spins. The suspension springs suspend and stabilize the washer tub and absorb vibration while the washer spins. The tub spring connects to the base of the washer and to a mounting bracket on the bottom of the tub and keeps the tub from shaking during the spin cycle. Both types of spring can come detached or break over time and should be replaced if broken.

Suspension Assembly

If your washer is sitting off center or banging loudly in the spin cycle, then you may need to replace the suspension assembly.

The suspension rods support the washer tub, transmission, and motor. They connect the legs and platform at the bottom of the washer to the top of the washer. These rods bear the weight of the tub to absorb any shock generated by the agitate and spin cycles.  These rods can break overtime causing the washer tub to become uneven and noisy.

Other parts to check (depending on your washers make and model) include the snubber ring, balance ring, tub wear pads, tub dampening straps and drive block. For more information about these parts, visit the Washer shakes or moves page in the Washer Repair Guide.

Find more Washer Parts at www.pcappliancerepair.com.


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