Why does the gas stove burner make a clicking noise?

 Electrolux Gas Range surface burner ignitor 316011200

Electrolux Gas Range surface burner ignitor 316011200. Sealed surface burner ignitor commonly used on Frigidaire/WCI brands gas ranges. Used with No. 5303935025 Sealed Top Burner. Find this part or other Gas Range surface burner ignitors at http://www.pcappliancerepair.com.

A gas stove burner that makes a clicking sound when the gas burner is turned on might be caused by moisture or dirt interfering with the surface burner ignitor, also known as an ignitor electrode or a spark ignitor.

Warning! Read this before attempting any repairs or maintenance on your gas stove.

The surface burner ignitor electrode is located on the burner and emits a spark that ignites the gas on the burner creating a flame. Overflowing pots, grease and other cooking debris can interfere with the spark. Try cleaning the surface burner ignitor electrode and the area surrounding it with a tooth brush, or a nylon scrubbing pad to remove any dirt or grease covering these parts. Allow the parts to dry completely before assembling and testing the gas stove burners again.

A persistent clicking sound could also indicate an issue with the ignitor switch or spark module.

Electrolux Gas-Range-Spark-Ignitor-Switch-316032000

Electrolux Gas Range Spark Ignitor Switch 316032000

The ignitor switch is mounted on the surface burner valve stem and supplies voltage to the spark module. It is controlled by the knobs on the stove. If the ignitor switch is faulty, it might be a reason why the gas range surface burner might not light.

Whirlpool Gas Range Spark Module W10110491

Whirlpool Gas Range Spark Module W10110491

Another part that could be causing a clicking noise on a gas stove is the spark module. The spark module sends an electronic pulse to the surface ignitor that helps light the gas on the burners.  After checking the surface burner ignitor switches, check this part to see if it needs to be replaced.

Keep your gas range stovetop clean and make sure the burner portholes are free of grease and debris to allow the proper gas flow to ignite the burner.

2 thoughts on “Why does the gas stove burner make a clicking noise?

  1. Is there any danger of gas leaking if it is just a dirt accumulation problem?

    • On most gas ranges, as soon as you hear clicking, gas is being released from the burner. If it isn’t ignited, it will just keep coming out.

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