Microwave Cooking Hacks

Microwave Cooking Hacks

Use your microwave oven for more than reheating leftovers and making popcorn with these cooking hacks.

Chop onions without tears

Cut off the ends of an onion and microwave it on full power for 30 seconds.

Dry fresh herbs

If your recipe calls for dry herbs and you only have fresh, microwave your fresh herbs on top of a paper towel for two – four minutes to dry.

Get more juice from lemons and limes

Get more juice from your lemons and limes – zap them in the microwave for 10 – 20 seconds and they will be easier to squeeze.

Froth Milk for Cappuccinos

Add 2% milk to a microwave-safe jar with a lid and shake. Remove the lid and microwave the milk for 30 – 60 seconds. Stir the milk into your coffee and spoon the froth on top.

Revive stale bread

Wrap the bread in a damp paper towel and microwave in short 10 second bursts checking after each time increment for softness.

Tip for reheating leftovers in the microwave: use a shallow dish. Shallow dishes will reheat food more evenly than food packed into a tall and narrow container. Divide your reheating time in half, open the microwave and stir your food. That way, the cold, portions at the bottom are exposed to the top and reheat more evenly.

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What are your favorite microwave cooking hacks?


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