Spring Cleaning and Your Laundry Room Appliances


Your washer and dryer need spring cleaning too. Here’s how to clean them and what parts to check for wear and tear. Check out our Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen Appliances.


Use a washer cleaner like affresh Washer Tub Cleaner to clean the inside of your washer. Affresh breaks up odor causing residue, mold and mildew that can lead to bad smells from your washer, especially in HE washers.

If you have a HE washer, be sure to clean the gasket seal around the door and tub. You may have to pull back the seal to clean any hidden residue that accumulates there.

Check the hoses on your washer for drips, cracks, leaks and bubbling. Replace any hoses that look worn.


How to clean your dryer

Clean inside your lint filter compartment. No matter how good you are at cleaning the dryer’s lint screen before or after each load, lint still can escape into your dryer. Use a flexible dryer brush to reach inside the lint screen compartment to remove any trapped lint there.

Use a Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning Brush to clear lint from your clothes dryer duct work.

Unplug your dryer and take off the outside cabinet housing to clean inside the dryer yourself. Use a Refrigerator and Crevice Cleaning Tool Vacuum Attachment to clean inside the dryer itself. The tool attaches to your vacuum cleaner and allows you to reach underneath the dryer drum and into all the crevices inside your dryer’s cabinet to remove dust and lint.

Check the outside venting where lint can also accumulate. Make sure no plants are blocking any air from escaping.

Check out our Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen Appliances.

If you need any replacement parts for your Washer or Dryer, visit us at www.PCApplianceRepair.com.


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