Why does my washing machine make my clothes smell?

washingmachinesmellIf your washer leaves your laundry smelling bad it might be time to clean your washer. Dirt, grime, soap-scum and odor -causing bacteria might be hanging out inside your washer and transferring to your clothes.  If you have a front-loading, high-efficiency washer, you could have a worse bacteria problem, as the sealed environment keeps water and moisture in causing bacteria to grow.

Make sure you are getting the cleanest laundry you can by regularly cleaning your washing machine once a month with Affresh Washer Tub Cleaner. Affresh breaks up odor causing residue, mold and mildew that can lead to bad smells from your washer, especially in HE washers.

Affresh washer cleaner

Place one tab of Affresh in an empty washer tub and run on a “normal” or a “clean tub” cycle using hot water.

Affresh is septic tank and washer safe.

Keep your washer from smelling by also following these tips.

  • If you have a HE washer, be sure to clean the gasket seal around the door and tub. You may have to pull back the seal to clean any hidden residue that accumulates there.
  • Leave the door open between loads to let your washer tub air out.
  • Use only High Efficiency detergents with HE washers and be sure to use the proper amount. If your clothes are left soapy or there is a sudsy residue, you may be using too much detergent.

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