Don’t miss these items when cleaning out your refrigerator

Don’t miss these items when cleaning out your refrigerator“Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day” is coming up on Nov. 15 and aside from this being a good idea, due to Thanksgiving and other holidays coming up, keeping your refrigerator clean and neat will help save you money and possibly keep you from becoming sick.

A 2013 study done by the NSF, a public health and safety organization, found Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli, yeast and mold living in the meat and vegetable crisper drawers of refrigerators they tested as part of the study. If you are cleaning out your fridge this weekend, be sure to clean these parts of your refrigerator to remove the possibility of germs residing here. Soak and clean these parts in the sink with warm water and mild cleanser. Wipe dry with a towel.

If rotten or spoiled meat has left a lingering smell inside your refrigerator, the NSF advises to use warm water mixed with a baking soda solution (about 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 quart of water) to control odors. You can also use a box of baking soda or install the Refrigerator Deodorizer which is 50 times more powerful than baking soda, to eliminate odors inside your refrigerator.

Clean the gasket (that’s the seal around your refrigerator door) where dirt likes to hide. A lose, cracked or torn gasket could be costing you money through lost energy and spoiled food. Luckily, the gasket can be replaced.

Be sure to also clean out the defrost pan which is located behind the refrigerator cabinet or in back of a removable toe kick plate.

Locate the condensor coils on your refrigerator and use a condensor coil cleaning brush to remove any dirt, dust or pet hair that has accumulated on them. Keeping the coils clean helps your refrigerator run more efficiently, saving you money.

Use a refrigerator thermometer to measure the temperature inside your refrigerator and freezer. Ideal temperature ranges should be between 34 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit for your fridge, with 37 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 percent humidity optimal. Your freezer should be 0 to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have any scratches, rust or discoloration on your stainless steel fridge, you can remove it with Scratch-B-Gone stainless steel scratch remover. Find more stainless steel cleaners at

Finally, replace any broken parts on your refrigerator. Retaining door bars, refrigerator shelves, meat and crisper pans, light bulbs and other parts can all be replaced. Find your replacement refrigerator part at

A little history about “Clean Out Your Fridge Day,” according to this article, the day was started by the Whirlpool Corporation in 1999, aiming for it to be the third Wednesday in November.

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