Why does my gas oven not heat up?

Why Does My Gas Oven Not Heat Up? If your gas oven is not heating up it might be due to your gas oven’s timer controls or electronic controls, glow-bar ignitor or safety valve.

WARNING: Before attempting to work on any appliance, make sure that all power (electricity) and utilities (water and gas) have been turned off and/or disconnected on the appliance. The insides of appliances have sharp parts and pieces that could cut or otherwise injure you. Use caution when working inside appliances.

First, check your oven’s timer controls. Are they on and getting power? Even though your oven uses gas, some parts need electricity in order to power on, create a spark, heat up or otherwise operate. Make sure the controls are in the proper position and you are not getting any error code messages on your oven display.

Is the door to your oven unlocked?  If yes, open your oven’s door to see if your oven light comes on. If it does, then you have power to your oven.

Check your oven’s display. Are you getting any error codes? You can also do a manual reset of your oven’s electronic controls by unplugging your oven from its receptacle and waiting 30 seconds before plugging your oven back in again.

Check the gas supply to make sure gas is getting to your oven.

When a gas oven will not heat up, a common problem is a weak or bad glow bar ignitor. The ignitor is located near the oven burner and burns incredibly hot (2000 degrees Fahrenheit) which decreases resistance and allows amps to flow to the gas safety valve. When the proper amps is reached, gas flows from the safety valve into the oven burner. The ignitor ignites the gas and a flame is created which heats your oven. A thermostat or oven sensor detects when the proper temperature is reached and shuts electricity off to the gas safety valve and the ignitor. The cycle then repeats in order to maintain the proper temperature.

In some instances, the ignitor might be observed to glow like it’s still heating, but it is not reaching the correct amps to open the gas safety valve to allow gas to flow to the oven burner or, it is not getting hot enough to ignite the gas in the oven burner. In that case, it needs to be replaced. You can only know for certain by testing this part with an ammeter to check the current flow. If it’s below 2.5 amps, replace it.

If the ignitor is good, it might be a faulty gas safety valve that needs to be replaced.   Check it for continuity.

Other parts to test include the control settings (electronic  controls) selector switch or thermostat. Unplug the appliance and turn off the gas supply before testing all parts for continuity at any of the contact terminal points. If none, you must replace the parts.

For replacement gas oven parts for your Whirlpool , Maytag or GE gas oven, visit www.pcappliancerepair.com.


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