Washer won’t start or does nothing when I turn it on – Washer Repair Help

If your washer does nothing when you turn it on, answer the following questions to start your diagnosis.

Is power getting to your washer? First, check the power source to make sure power is getting to the appliance. Unplug your washer and plug in a smaller appliance such as a lamp or hair dryer and turn it on to check if power is flowing to the outlet. Also check your circuit breaker or fuse box for a blown fuse or tripped circuit.

Is your washing machine’s lid up or door open? As a safety precaution, your washer will not advance and the tub will not start moving until the lid is down  or the door is closed. If you have a top-loader, check the lid switch probe. On top loading washers, the lid switch probe is a small piece of plastic located under the washer lid. When the lid is closed, the probe enters into the lid switch assembly to activate your machine. Over time and use, the probe can become dislodged. Sometimes adjusting the probe will fix the problem.

Lid Switch Assembly. Part 22003804. Whirlpool.

Lid Switch Assembly. Part 22003804. Whirlpool.

Is your washing machine between cycles? Make sure your appliance is not between washing cycles. Sometimes the timer knob does not line up properly with a cycle. Try to advance the knob manually, to see if your washer starts.

If you have checked all these items and still have not found the cause of your washing machine’s problems, here are a few parts to check:

Lid switch or lid switch assembly. Open and close your washer’s lid. If you do not hear a click, when you close your washer’s lid, then there may be a problem with your washer’s lid switch or lid switch assembly.

Door lock or door lock assembly. If you have a front-loading washer, check the door lock, usually located in the door frame of your washer or as part of the door lock assembly.

To find the right part for your washing machine, locate it’s model number and use that when searching or ordering your part from www.pcappliancerepair.com. For more washer repair help, visit the Washer Repair Help Section.


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