Beauty in the ice box – Ice cube facials

Here’s a beauty treatment that is as close as your freezer — ice cube facials promise to cool you down while toning and improving your skin.IceCube_Clear

Lauran Conrad claims that in addition to giving your skin a “dewy, glowing look” the ice cubes facial will help “smooth your complexion by combatting fat cells, ease wrinkles, fight acne, and promote blood circulation that will help heal blemishes.”

She suggests freezing ice cubes with slices of lemon, watermelon or rose for more of a spa-type treatment.  Wrap the ice cubes in a paper towel or put them in a Ziploc bag before applying them to your face using massaging strokes.

This slide from Redbook suggests that you rub a plain ice cube to your face in the morning to slow down the signs of again and to help wake you up.

Beauty blogger Michelle Phan at one time created her own green tea and vitamin-E infused ice cubes, but now links to those posts are gone. Here’s a recipe for it in case you are interested in creating your own.

So do ice facials work and do all that they claim to do? Any dermatologists out there care to let us know?


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